GMG Grill Cover

Protect your investment with a custom GMG grill cover We’ve built and tested our form-fitting grill cover to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Velcro® cinches secure the cover to the grill keeping it safe and dry.

Jim Bowie: $149.95 RRP
Daniel Boone: $139.95 RRP
Davy Crockett
$109.95 RRP



GMG Front Shelf

Front Shelf for your GMG Grill. Perfect spot to place your prepped food before it goes on to the grill:

Jim Bowie Front Shelf: $109.95 RRP
Daniel Boone Front Shelf: $99.95 RRP



GMG Upper Rack (Smoke Shelf)

Add more cooking room to your grill with a Upper Rack (Smoke Shelf):

Jim Bowie: $89.95 RRP
Daniel Boone: $79.95 RRP




GMG Thermal Blanket

Keep your poor grill warm in the wintertime and cut your pellet usage by up to 50%:

Jim Bowie: $179.95 RRP
Daniel Boone: $169.95 RRP




16.25″ GrillGrate Three Panel Set 

Includes the GrateTool and User Guide

CODE: 16.25GG

Simply replace the stainless steel grates from your GMG Jim Bowie, Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett with a GrillGrate to convert your heat source to infrared.

Made from hard anodized aluminium, GrillGrates conduct heat more efficiently than cast iron or stainless steel.  They act like a lens on top of any heat source by magnifying and focusing the grill’s heat and converting it to infrared heat.

The underside and hole pattern of GrillGrates blocks flare-ups from engulfing food preventing charring and drying out and the GrillGrate valleys act as a flavour enhancing system by trapping juices and retaining moisture.


16.25″ (41.3cm)

Set of 2: $149.95 RRP