• Prep Time5Mins
  • Idle TimeN/AHours
  • Cook Time.25Hours
  • PelletsAnyBlend
  • Serves2People

We are adding a little smoke and sweetness to this Mimosa. The oranges are grilled and sugar coated to create a delicious smoky caramelized flavor in this drink. Great to impress your guests at the next celebration.



  • 3-4 whole oranges
  • ΒΌ cup granulated sugar
  • Pure maple syrup


-Preheat your grill to 500 degrees.

Cut 3 whole oranges into halves and slice 1 orange up into thin slices.

Pour a small amount of maple syrup into a bowl and brush on to each orange half and slice.

Lightly sprinkle on the sugar evenly coating the entire inner surface.

Place them face down on the grill for 15-20 minutes and turn them every 5 minutes or so to make sure you have an evenly charred surface.

Take them off and let them cool for a few minutes before juicing them into a bowl through a strainer. This will help with any pulp.

Pour that smoky orange juice into your favorite champagne and slice the garnish up for a beautiful presentation.