• Prep Time10Mins
  • Idle TimeN/AHours
  • Cook Time0.4Hours
  • PelletsGoldBlend
  • Serves3-4People

Jim Elser’s Sun-dried Tomato & Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Poppers are a party staple and should be in every backyard barbecuer’s bag of tricks. This jalapeno popper recipe comes from our friend Jim Elser with Sweet Smoke Q. Tomato and Basil brings this sumptuous snack to the next level, while the bacon and cheese keep it familiar and appealing for everyone.



10-15 jalapenos

8 slices cooked bacon

1 scallion bundle

1 cup sun-dried tomato

1 handful basil

1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese

12 oz cream cheese

1 tomato

1 handful cilantro


Preheat your grill to 160°C.

Slice the Jalapenos lengthwise and deseed them.

Dice cooked bacon, scallions, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil.

Combine the diced ingredients with softened cream cheese in a bowl. Thoroughly mix into the cheese until the ingredients are evenly dispersed through the cheese.

Add 1 cup of sharp cheddar and continue to mix.

Add the filling to a 1 gallon ziplock bag, cut the corner, and squeeze your cheese filling into the cavity of your sliced jalapenos.

Sprinkle the remaining sharp cheddar cheese on top of the stuffed jalapenos.

Place the stuffed jalapenos onto a cooking rack, and put them into the grill. Placing them on a rack prior to cooking will help you avoid removing 20 poppers 1 at a time once they are hot and ready.

After 20-25 minutes, the jalapenos should be ready. You don’t want them to be too crunchy or too soggy – so pay attention after the 20 minute mark to ensure perfect poppers.

Chop up the tomato and cilantro, spread them on top of the poppers for a nice presentation, and you’re done.